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Fisher Break away


Steve Fisher made the break on Stage 1 at the 2015 Amgen Tour of California.  It was to be his longest bike ride ever, and the file from his Cateye computer and Stages power meter provided insight to both Team Performance Director Larry Foss and Coach Chris McGovern.

“Early in the race you can see the big spike in power to get the break established. You can also see the rest that Steve gets by looking at the power and heart rate information,” said Foss, a Level 1 USAC Coach.

“The change in heart rate during his pull and then the rest starts to change less, yet the changes in the power output start to become wider. Going into the 4th hour of racing it really becomes noticeable.

“Once the break is caught there is a big spike in power and heart rate as Fisher tries to stay in the peloton. At this point his day is over and he rides in to the finish. Excellent job!

Steve Fisher’s coach, Chris McGovern of Cycleution Coaching, has measured a higher FTP for Fisher, but largely agreed with Foss’ analysis.  Not known for being a purely data-driven coach, McGovern attributed the performance to one particular block of training called “Storm the Castle” where this kind of intensity/recovery cycle was enhanced.

In text messages immediately after the stage, McGovern asked, “Are you surprised?”

“I’m not,” he continued, “Steve is on point and well-prepared.”