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Monthly Archives: February 2016


After a solid week of team photos, interviews, and sponsor meetings, with some sunny southern California rides mixed in, your entire team will return to racing today at The 16th Annual Boulevard Road Race just east of San Diego. The often-stormy season opener looks set for mid-to-high 70s today and the 90-mile Pro race starts at 12:50. We’ll be there, so if coverage permits we’ll have live tweets and ‘grams.

Before we get underway, meet Kevin  Marques Oliviera.  Before riders even arrived, Kevin put in tireless days sorting, preparing, and building the race and training road bikes and the time trial bikes.  Then, we have to recognize more hard work at camp keeping bikes gleaming for photography while dialing fit and individual preferences for The Team.  Thank you, Kevin, and welcome to The Team!


Kevin is on instagram at @O_Mecanico.