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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Dave Towle, race announcer of some renown, talks to Beast for half an hour.  Both use their inside voices for the most part. Listen in…

Jacob Rathe | Ben Wolfe | Keegan Swirbul | Gus Morton | Ulises Castillo | Joshua Berry | Serghei Tvetcov | Taylor Shelden


This image more-or-less sums up the irrepressible Serghei Tvetcov, the hard-working Ben Wolfe, and teamwork. Photo ©Veloimages

The MVP award on Stage 1 went to the entire team and staff for being dialed at their first UCI stage race of the 2017 season. Sarah Engen has the cold bottles ready in the feed zone en route to Whitewater Mesa. Photo ©Veloimages


Angus Morton makes life tough for the peoloton on Stage 2 Photo ©Veloimages
The Team  | Photo ©Veloimages
Jacob Rathe | Photo ©Veloimages
Taylor Shelden moved into 7th on GC after picking up some time bonuses in sprints | Photo ©Veloimages
Winning the feed zone for The Team, Sarah Engen | Photo ©Veloimages

Stage 3 TT

| Photo ©Veloimages
| Photo ©Veloimages
Serghei Tvetcov’s 4th in the TT moves him to 5th in G.C. | Photo ©Veloimages

| Photo ©Veloimages

Stage 4 Criterium

| Photo ©Veloimages
| Photo ©Veloimages

The Team looked after Serghei Tvetcov, in the hunt for valuable sprint bonus seconds | Photo ©Veloimages