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Jacob Rathe | Alex Braico | Gus Morton | Gavin Mannion | Lachlan Morton | Steve Fisher | Freddie Rodriguez | Josh Berry

The Redlands Classic on April 8th-12th is The Team’s “home” race; the biggest race in The West for most of its storied history.

Wednesday will be the Highland Circuit Race, with many awesome places to view the course.  Bring your bike and see each lap from a different vantage point.

After Thursday’s Big Bear TT, the race returns to the Oak Glen climb for Friday’s road stage.  The stage is shorter than the classic version, but the climb is still monstrous and the finish still scenic and spectator-friendly.

The downtown criterium on Saturday is one of the best-attended anywhere, and is guaranteed entertainment all day.

On Sunday, the race will be decided by the one-of-a-kind Sunset Loop stage.  Some riders will take the start, only to abandon before The Fire Station a couple of miles in.  After that comes a screaming rollercoaster of laps through the most beautiful neighborhoods in Redlands and a breakneck run back into town for the always-unbelievable sprint finish.

We hope that you can make it out to the race, but we will keep you up-to-date via twitter and instagram.